November 25, 2014 at 1:41 pm

4 Reasons MSP Sales Reps Should Spend More Time on Social Media

4 Reasons MSP Sales Reps Should Spend More Time on Social Media

People Silhouette on Social Media BackgroundSocial media is a bit of a black hole sometimes. You start with the best of intentions – connecting on LinkedIn with a new prospect, but somehow you always end up staring at a hilarious YouTube video that someone posted. As a result of our ADD ways, some companies have banned the sites, making it so that workstations can’t even access them. But we argue that social media is exactly where your employees should be spending their time. Sound a little strange? Or maybe you agree?

Either way, here are 4 reasons that MSP sales reps should spend more time on social media:

The perfect substitute to that ridiculous “follow up” e-mail.

Talk about awkward. There’s nothing worse than trying to unearth a cold prospect with the dreaded “follow up” e-mail. The most useless e-mail on the planet, sales reps are used to having to pull this one out of their toolbox to re-engage prospects. But social media is the perfect way to stealthily pop back into the lives of your prospects. Connecting with them on LinkedIn reminds them that you’re around, same with following them on Twitter. And because most MSPs are selling business to business, retweet and share their posts and you’re likely to see them return the favor, which is a masterful way for them to check out your content.

Pushing leads down the funnel.

I know a few executives at MSP companies that are huge fans of “leave behind” material. Being a hippie myself, I’m not such a big fan, because generally those collateral materials end up finding their way into the nearest trashcan as the receptionist inevitably cleans off her desk at the end of the day. Using social media, though, allows you to offer content to your leads and helps you educate them without having to use “leave behind” material. It’s environmentally friendly AND great for nurturing and educating leads.

It’s the ultimate networking event.

I hate networking. I’m really awful at it. In my first sales manager position I would take a stack of business cards and force myself to give them out, vowing that I wouldn’t leave until they were gone. Once the drink tickets are gone, things always get a little awkward. While you can’t discount the value and connections that these types of events have – you also know that time is money. The more people you can touch at once, the better your chances are of success. Ever seen a viral article or video on Facebook or Twitter? I rest my case.

You’re a TECHNOLOGY company.

I hate to break the news to you, but you can’t be old school forever. You are, after all, a technology company. You sit in front of customers and tell them every day that it’s time to evolve their technology or risk becoming obsolete. Even if social media WERE just a trend that will eventually fall to the wayside (it’s not), we’re pretty sure it’s your job to investigate it. Not being on social media is a little suspect. No one wants to be seen as outdated, particularly if you’re trying to pitch your prospects tools to manage and update their technology.

It’s your job to bring in sales and while marketing can help bring in the leads, they can’t help you close them. That part is up to you. Use the tools available to you to help you qualify prospects, push leads down the funnel and network like a master. Adopting technology shouldn’t be a new concept to you and social media is just that – a new technology tool to help you on your way to success. It’s time to spend a little more time on social media.

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