June 24, 2013 at 12:47 pm

Marketing Giveaway: The 30 Day Inbound Marketing Challenge

Marketing Giveaway: The 30 Day Inbound Marketing Challenge

According to Hubspot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report, 60% of marketers have currently adopted inbound strategies. But it’s clear that education is lacking, as: an additional 19% of marketers are unsure whether to characterize their marketing activities as “inbound.”

 We’re on a mission. We want to educate the world about inbound marketing. That includes defining it and helping others to plan and execute inbound strategies. But planning a full inbound strategy, doing exercises to plan content and understand your buyer personas and learning how to use Hubspot to measure it all is no simple feat. It’s easy to do what you’ve been doing. It’s easy to stay the same and not evolve. But it’s not easy to watch your prospects go to your competition or lose business to those who are being more progressive in their marketing strategies. Here are some of the benefits of inbound quoted from Hubsot’s State of Inbound Marketing report:

  • Companies that establish shared marketing and sales responsibilities see clear improvements in their lead acquisition costs, particularly among enterprise firms.
  • Adopting a marketing-sales agreement saves companies with more than 200 employees an average of $195.84 total cost per customer.
  • Inbound concepts boost website conversions: Inbound marketers double the average site conversion rate of non-inbound marketers, from 6% to 12% total.
  • Marketers see an average website conversion rate of 10% industry-wide.
  • Testing inbound efforts drives major ROI improvements: Companies who test are 75% more likely to show ROI for inbound marketing than those who fail to test their strategies.

Inbound is gaining ground. More and more marketers are adopting inbound strategies because of the cost per lead savings. Getting started, though? That’s the most difficult part. That’s why we’re launching The 30 Day Inbound Challenge. The giveaway, launching Monday, is valued at $6,500. What’s included?

  • 30 Day Hubspot Trial
  • Current Marketing Assessment & Report
  • Buyer Persona & Campaign Planning
  • Inbound Strategy Implementation Guide
  • 30 Days of Managed Inbound Services

We know you’re probably wondering why. Why would a company give away $6,500 worth of inbound planning and services?

It’s like we told you before. Inbound is our passion. We want to show people what marketing can be like. We want businesses to understand that marketing and sales can form a partnership.

Simply stated: we want you to learn how to demand more from your marketing, measure your efforts and get more traffic and leads from your website.

So? What are you waiting for? Sign up for the giveaway, spread the word and commit to a new marketing strategy. Click here to access our giveaway page.

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