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3 Reasons to Take the Hubspot COS Designer Certification Test

3 Reasons to Take the Hubspot COS Designer Certification Test

Hubspot COSWhether your site is completely hosted on Hubspot or if you’re just hosting landing pages, blogs and e-mails on the Hubspot COS, odds are that at some point you’re going to want to manipulate your existing template in order to create a new layout. When you host your website on Hubspot’s Content Optimization System, your website, contacts, e-mails, blog and landing pages will all be in a central location where data and analytics can easily be monitored. The magic of utilizing the Hubspot COS for your website is that you have access to their simple template builder if you ever want to make adjustments to the templates that have been created for you. But why get the Designer/Developer Certification? Here are a few key reasons that inbound marketers may want to consider taking the Hubspot COS Designer Certification exam.

Learn the capabilities of the COS.
This one’s a no brainer. In the time that we’ve spent creating websites for clients, despite having a handoff call and multiple reference files, we find that the client tends to focus their time on the most basic updates like writing blogs, updating inventory, or editing existing pages. The Hubspot COS offers responsive design with dozens of modules to suit your needs and create dynamic pages. Taking the Hubspot COS Designer Certification allows you to gain in depth insight into how your site was created on the COS. This will allow you to more easily edit templates for landing pages, site pages, change or reorder modules and customize your e-mail template without the fear that you’ll break something.

Optimize layouts for conversion (or A/B Testing).
While your COS Developer will have generated most of the CSS and templates that you’ll need in order to successfully execute your inbound strategy, analytics will tell whether or not those designs are converting. Once you delve into analytics, you may discover that your landing pages are not as effective as they once were for driving conversions. Rather than having to reach out to your COS Developer, taking the Hubspot COS Designer test will give you the basic knowledge necessary to update or create new landing page templates. By experimenting with different layouts on different landing pages, you can determine which are most effective for your audience. (Or, if you’re lucky enough to have Hubspot Enterprise, can engage A/B testing to test different layouts of the exact same page.)

Create integrated marketing e-mails.
While your Hubspot COS Developer probably provided you with a few different types of e-mail layouts, knowing how to create an amazing marketing e-mail can mean the difference between an e-mail flop and a stellar click through rate. While you may have created some broad categories for your e-mail correspondence as you developed your website, your needs may change as your campaigns continue to evolve. Knowing how to create or modify existing templates and save them to suit your needs going forward will empower you to create e-mails for any purpose.

hubspot COSJust like learning to drive a car, knowing the intricacies of how your machine was put together and how it moves will give you the best chance to use those features to your advance and even troubleshoot if you ever run into issues. While Hubspot’s COS requires much less reliance on a developer for site updates, educating yourself by taking the Hubspot COS Certification exam will give you the power to make changes and updates that you’re comfortable with without having to reach out to developer for every small change.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that some coding knowledge is necessary in order to complete the Certification, but that many marketers should still find a lot of the insight they need to manipulate templates in the certification Introductory class and workshops.  

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