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Social Media Marketing Lessons Retailers can Take from Instagram Moms

I love consumer marketing. It’s fun and it’s personal and you often get to be a little bit more creative with your marketing. Part of the reason I love it so much is because I can identify with the personas of our consumer clients. I buy things a lot. It’s an understatement – I have a little bit of a retail addiction. It’s clothing related. I am part of many different Facebook groups specifically designed for swapping high end children’s clothes. I’m also all over Instagram shops where moms are putting their little one’s stuff up for sale. There are also a lot of shops on Instagram created by...

How to Brainstorm Blog Topics for Any Industry

Do you ever feel like you’ve written a blog about literally every topic relevant to your audience? Sometimes coming up with an idea for your next blog seems like an impossible feat. Frequently finding new ideas can be challenging whether you’re new to the world of inbound or a seasoned pro. The first step is to know your audience. Yes, the ever-important buyer persona. But, you’re not worried about your reader; you can create buyer personas in your sleep! No, the real question is what topic should you focus on that your buyer would care about and find value in? Here are 5 tips to help you brainstorm an...

Are your Followers Muting your Business on Twitter?

The mute button is a beautiful thing. It can help you quiet your TV when you’d rather not listen to Vern Lundquist’s hackneyed commentary on your favorite college football team. If you’re on a conference call, the mute function on your phone can cut down on interference when others are talking. Want to know where else you can hit the mute button? Twitter. Introduced last May, muting the people and businesses you follow became an option on the social network. Rather than unfollow someone, you can just mute them and keep the contact. It so simple to do; all a user has to do is visit a tweet from...

4 Reasons MSP Sales Reps Should Spend More Time on Social Media

Social media is a bit of a black hole sometimes. You start with the best of intentions – connecting on LinkedIn with a new prospect, but somehow you always end up staring at a hilarious YouTube video that someone posted. As a result of our ADD ways, some companies have banned the sites, making it so that workstations can’t even access them. But we argue that social media is exactly where your employees should be spending their time. Sound a little strange? Or maybe you agree? Either way, here are 4 reasons that MSP sales reps should spend more time on social media: The perfect substitute to that ridiculous...

4 Tips On Conquering the Evil that is Writer’s Block

It’s funny that I’m writing this blog about writer’s block considering I was drawing a complete blank when trying to think of a topic. Writer’s block happens to the best of us, and if someone tells you they haven’t experienced a bought of writer’s block they’re likely lying. So what do I do when I’m struggling with my writing? Sounds weird, but I like to pace around my apartment. My tiny apartment is shotgun style and it takes me approximately 15 seconds to get from one end to the other. I pace like this about 10 times. This works well for me. It makes me feel less sedentary and...